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4) Fei Yang 
United States Location
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Saturday, 1 June 2013 19:47 Host:

Dear Doug,

Wherever you may be, please rest in peace. I thought about you recently.

I don't think I ever paid you my full respect and never quite comprehended the magnitude and extend of your tragic and sudden passing. Words cannot express how grateful I am of your presence in my life and the lives of my fellow Solar Decathlon teammates.

Though the Solar Decathlon team carried on without you, but it would have never had came together without you. I remember the moment we met each other at a SCI-Arc seminar and just how incredibly enthusiastic you were about the project. You took on the job of mentoring a Caltech engineering team with absolutely no practical and real-life project experience with such passion and dedication. I remember you taught the first Caltech class in spring from 8pm to 11pm in order to accommodate students' schedule. I also remember you asking us at an airport in earnest whether we were serious and passionate about this project, because you would not deal with anything less than your level of commitment. You did all of this, because you not only believed in the cause, but you also saw a group of young, idealistic kids, including myself, and believed whole-heartedly in us.

You didn't have a chance to see the house fully assembled on the national lawn, but you would have been proud of it. We were all proud of it, and we never forgot what you had done for us as well. Rest in peace, Doug.

Yours sincerely,

Fei Yang
3) Susan Caldwell 
Irvine, CA Location
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Saturday, 16 April 2011 15:05 Host:

A Kind Brother

In July 2003, as Steve, Jacqueline, Elise and I were waiting at LAX to board our plane for Australia to our surprise, Doug showed up to give us a new digital camera.
It was very late at night as our plane was set to leave around 11:00pm. We didn't have a decent camera and we were going to Melbourne for two or more years.
With this camera, we documented all the things that we saw and all the places we went. It was a very thoughtful gift.
And Doug was there at the airport when we came back to the States in February 2006.
He made sure we were able to get on the right train to Santa Barbara.

One winter while we were living in Big Bear, Doug came up to go skiing. There was a bit of a blizzard going on outside but that did not stop him. His parka and snow gear was for sub-zero temperatures.
He looked kind of like an astronaut all bundled up. Jacqueline and he went skiing in the white fog and freezing cold. They came back to laugh about their adventure.

At Thanksgiving in Big Bear, Steve cooked India food. Doug being a sentimental person, had wished for turkey. We all did. But going along with Steve's culinary vision, we gathered around card tables in the game room of the cabin
and ate curry.

Last June, Doug traveled up to Big Bear to see his nieces graduate. For dinner, Steve cooked this wild stir-fry chicken dish. Everyone who was seated, had second thoughts about eating because the chicken didn't look very appetizing. Kind brother Doug, ate it anyway.

Again, Doug showed great brotherly kindness two weeks before his accident. He came down from Glendale to Irvine to help us unload our moving van. He was so kind hearted about it and didn't complain once about all the boxes of stuff that we had. This was the last time that I saw him. I said, "Thank you" but in my heart I felt like there were so many more thank yous to be said.
2) Susan Caldwell 
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Sunday, 10 April 2011 16:29 IP:

I first met Doug at Grandma Ruth Scott's house in Montrose. It was Thanksgiving Day 1988 and the family was working on a puzzle in the living room. I sat down at the card table to work on the puzzle while the dinner was finishing up. After a bit, the puzzle was completed except for the last piece. We all started looking everywhere for the missing piece-on the floor and so forth. After a minute or two, Doug started to smile and laugh as he had it in his hand!

The next time I met Doug, it was at Easter time. Steve, Doug and Patti were outside working on their Easter egg hunt.
The last yellow egg being found in the lemon tree. These yearly Easter egg hunts could go on for hours.

At Steve and my wedding 1989, Doug made the whole congregation laugh when the pastor asked for the ring, and Doug forgot he had it in his pocket. The pastor kept saying, "The ring? The ring? The ring?" Doug finally realized that he had it and handed it to Pastor Kozer.

And again at another Thanksgiving, Doug brought a big pile of Tupperware containers. He put them on Elaine's kitchen countertop. We were all surprised and asking as to why he brought out all these containers. He said, "I am finishing my doctorate. I am taking the leftovers. I have to eat."
1) Lenora Chu 
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Saturday, 5 March 2011 10:11 Host:

I know Chery from when we worked together at KCRW. My husband, Rob, and I now live with our son Rainey in Shanghai.

We only met Doug twice, but each encounter was memorable as he was so passionate and enthusiastic for everything about life.

He was able to live out his dreams on a day-to-day basis, while others only have the courage to think "What would life be like, if....?" (launching companies, pursuing photography, greening his home, etc., etc.) He's done much more in his much-too-short life than most who live to ripe old ages.
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