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I first met Doug at Grandma Ruth Scott's house in Montrose. It was Thanksgiving Day 1988 and the family was working on a puzzle in the living room. I sat down at the card table to work on the puzzle while the dinner was finishing up. After a bit, the puzzle was completed except for the last piece. We all started looking everywhere for the missing piece-on the floor and so forth. After a minute or two, Doug started to smile and laugh as he had it in his hand!

The next time I met Doug, it was at Easter time. Steve, Doug and Patti were outside working on their Easter egg hunt.
The last yellow egg being found in the lemon tree. These yearly Easter egg hunts could go on for hours.

At Steve and my wedding 1989, Doug made the whole congregation laugh when the pastor asked for the ring, and Doug forgot he had it in his pocket. The pastor kept saying, "The ring? The ring? The ring?" Doug finally realized that he had it and handed it to Pastor Kozer.

And again at another Thanksgiving, Doug brought a big pile of Tupperware containers. He put them on Elaine's kitchen countertop. We were all surprised and asking as to why he brought out all these containers. He said, "I am finishing my doctorate. I am taking the leftovers. I have to eat."
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